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Drums / Vocals

Equipment: Ludwig Set, 14" Sabian HH, 8" Sabian AAX Splash, 16" Sabian Pro Stage Crash, 18" Sabian Pro Stage Crash, 20" Sabian Pro Ride, 17" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese, Ziljian Zil-Bel, Tama Picolo Snare, 13" Tom, 16" Floor Tom, 24" Bass Drum, Tama Iron Cobra Pedal, LP Jam Block, LP Ridge Rider Cowbell, Evans Single Battered Drumheads, Promark CB 5AB Sticks, Two Hands, Two Feet, and my ass

E-Mail Address:

Hobbies: Music, Writting, Basketball, Golf, Kyle's Mom, Wrestling Bears, Waxing my bikini line, President of the Miller Fan Club, Annoying Liz, Ballet, Rodeo Clown, Storm Chacer, Proffesional Bull Shit Artist

Favorite Bands: Millencolin, The Hippos, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Primus, Green Day, Saves The Day, The Ataris, Mustard Plug, DMB, Not At All, Lagwagon, Ben Folds Five, Ten Foot Pole, NOFX, Pink Floyd, Homegrown, Weezer, Goldfinger

Favorite Foods: Blimpie, Circle Pizza - Chicken Topped, 3-D Doritos, Onion Rings, Point Shakes

Favorite Movies: Full Metal Jacket, A Midnight's Clear, Office Space, Happy Gilmore

Favorite TV Shows: Pokemon, Boy Meets World, Saved By the Bell, The Simpsons, Seinfeld

Favorite Color: Royal Blue