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Bass / Vocals


Hobbies: Syncronized Swimming, Water Polo, Peakock Trainer, Trapeze Artist, Flamenco Dancing, Shaving Dave's Gerbils

Fav. Bands: NOFX, Lagwagon, Blink-182, Mad Caddies, Diesel Boy, The Ataris, Goldfinger, MxPx, Reel Big Fish, Green Day, Mustard Plug, Less Than Jake, Vanilla Ice, M.C. Hammer

Foods: Chitlins, Lamb Fries, Rocky Mountain Oysters

Movies: Happy Gilmore, Half Baked, Orgasmo, Dumb and Dumber, Billy Madison, Ace Ventura, Hindfeld,

T.V. Shows: Saved By The Bell, In Living Color, The State, The Simpsons, That 70's Show, Beavis & Butthead, Married With Children, Ducktales

Color: Peus, Magenta

Influential Person: Greg Lugainis, George Michael