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Time Killers



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What was the first TUBBIES song ever written and what was its name at the time?

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The History of The Tubbies

It all started way back in September '99 when Dave's boredom forced him to ask fellow school band members Jovan (trumpet), Joeleen (alto sax), Kyle (guitar), and Danielle (bass) to form a SKA band called "Our Trumpet Player Sux". After a few good practices the band sought out another trumpet player from school, Craig. Then Danielle, who played bass, was forced to leave the band for personal reasons. Not soon after this the group thought a low instrument such as a trombone would complete the already voluminous horn section. The school band weirdo, Steven, was asked to play in OTPS and did a great job until he was kicked out for being just a little too weird. In desperate need of a bass player, OTPS turned to a friend of a friend for help. A strapping young lad by the name of Anthony sat in with the band once, but had to leave do to his ties to his original band. After a few more practices some of Dave's close friends, Derek (vocals) and Rob (bass), were asked to play with OTPS. As the band sat there they noticed the name "Our Trumpet Player Sux" didn't make sense because there were TWO trumpet players in the band (and the name was pretty gay). Finally, after great arguments over the subject, the name THE TUBBIES was decided. Although the name is still kinda gay, and it reminds many of The TelleTubbies and 'Tubbies' (the local hangout in town), it's the best they could do. And if you didn't notice, half the band is over-weight and are kind of "tubbie". Anyway, after about three months of practicing the band thought that a lower horn must be added to the section due to the sharp pitches of the alto and trumpets. Joeleen's sister, Lizette, was asked to join the band and play tenor sax. After about 5 months of playing shows the band said 'good-bye' to Derek, who had to leave for personal reasons, and said 'hello' to Craig (the trumpet player) as the new lead singer. Now THE TUBBIES are complete and continue to make great SKA/PUNK music. Make sure to come out and support them at shows by cheering, dancing, yelling obscenities, buying stuff, and just being a TUBBIE!

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